Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedding Tea Ceremony - Part 2

Now is the 2nd part of my Wedding Tea Ceremony that was held on 18th September 2010. Continuing from PART 1, this Part 2 takes off at the groom's place and then to our new home in Cheras.

These pictures were already uploaded on my FB, but here are some of it.

The roast pig gets to go in first

Us finally arriving at the groom's

Started off with some prayers

"Huat ah!!!"

My in-laws

The "serious" group picture

The "crazy" group picture

All of the heng dais in the numbered t-shirt posing in sequence

The ji muis with the shirt ordered and printed especially for them

Tossing bouquet time

The lucky girl (or in this case, the lucky boy)

Us back our own home

"New" hubby removing my veil

"New" wife taking off the hubby's coat

Dai kam che reciting all the good words for marriages for closing ceremony

Us looking at our new partner for life


~ The End ~

For more pictures, pls click on this LINK

Finally, the pictures for the wedding tea ceremony is done. Next is the 2 album remaining from the wedding reception on 25th September 2010. I actually wanna get that done ASAP so that I can start posting my honeymoon pictures!

Bleh I really need to speed up. I will! Since the busy period is over and all celebrations are over.

Oh wait! CNY is approaching. I need to go shopping, take mum for shopping, have meals with dad, bake CNY cookies etc. LOL!


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