Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hubby's Birthday gift

This is what I got for hubby's birthday this year. I have been with him for ages, thus there is no need for surprises anymore. It comes down to practicality and what was wished.

So I told hubby when we were in Switzerland that I'll get him a watch for his birthday this year. At first, he took a Tissot, which cost about 400 Swiss Francs. Thought that was it? LOL far from it. Who would have thought that we will be getting his real deal at more than 10 000 feet above ground?! Yes, I bought his watch when we were on the Mount Titlis excursion.

In front of hubby were 3 watches - Tag Heuer, Longines and Rado. They all have one thing in common, which is they are all black. Why black? Well, he doesn't have a plain black one in his collection, so might as well get something classic.

The thing about buying watches in Swiss is that there are just so many designs and brands that you really have a hard time deciding which one you want.

After long deliberation, it came down to 2 - Longines and Rado. Both are the same price, but which one?

Longines was one of the selections because the design is so classic and simple, and well, it's Longines. It is one of the brands that hubby had always wanted


Rado? Design is as classic and so elegant. This is scratch-proof and best of all, it is a limited edition watch, which is only available in Switzerland.


Winner is Rado!

Choice made - Rado

I was actually leaning towards Rado because if I wanna get something in Swiss and pay such a huge amount, I might as well get something limited or special edition. Hubby initially decided on Longines, but after listening to my 2 cents, he finally decided to get Rado.

Rado watch box

As mentioned, it is black in color and it is very reflective.Taking a picture of it without enough light source is not helping, and using the flash will tarnish the result of the real color of the picture. The black of this watch is actually this black. I did not edit much on this picture to illustrate the color closest to its original

Black Rado watch

This is a clearer picture with flash. See, it is just a simple watch. I lurve the classic elegance this watch carries.

Classic black Rado watch

So, what's with the special edition huh? It is a repeated pattern of the Swiss flag's white Greek Flag on the face of the watch.

Swiss flag

To be exact, it is a repetition of the equilateral cross which is at the center of a Swiss flag. So this watch is only available in Swiss. Now, that is what I call "limited/special edition and only available in Swiss".

Close up look

Just don't ask me how much it is. I just have to figure a way to pay the debt LOL! But anything's worth it for hubby! :)


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