Monday, November 29, 2010

Penang 2010 - Day 1

Right after our honeymoon trip in October 2010, the following weekend itself, hubby and I went to Penang with 15 of his friends. Here's sharing the pictures.

We started the trip at 11pm, mamak stall in KL. After supper for about 2 hours, we started our journey to Penang at about 1am and drove slowly to Penang.

Their favourite past time - Tok kok ("chui sui")

We arrived in Penang at about 6am and went for dim sum. The initial place we wanted to go was not open yet, so we search for alternative, and found one. All were so hungry and dug in the food, so no pictures LOL!

View of ocean from Gurney Drive

We were kinda "stranded" at Gurney Drive cos it was only 8am and we couldn't check in. We were just lepak-ing around waiting for time to pass. Thus, we busied ourselves with picture taking.

Hubby + I

Alex + Phoebe

Torres + Xian Bin

Even after massive talk kok, we still can't check in, so the drivers decided to take a short nap in the car. After about half an hour, we went into G Hotel to borrow their washroom. Well, we should have done that sooner since it was an excellent place to hang out instead of hiding in our car. I can tell you though, the wait was miserable!

G Hotel

After enough rest, we went to Kek Lok Si Temple. A must-do whenever we go to Penang.

Kek Lok Si Temple

The last time we went there, the Kuan Yin Statue was still in renovation stage. This time, it is ready and we have to take the inclined lift to make ourselves up.

Inclined lift to Kuan Yin Statue

The place above is not as huge as Kek Lok Si Temple, but interesting enough. There were 2 lines of the 12 animals in the Lunar calendar carved stone.

Mine! The boar.

Hubby's - The Rooster

The Kuan Yin Statue is H-U-G-E! I'm fascinated!

Kuan Yin Statue

Pui Kuan, Michelle, Shu Hua

All energy used up after the walking in the temple, we went down to the foot of the hill and had our lunch there.

Fruit dessert - Just average

Cendol - Average

This is totally recommended! I love it! The serving of sardine was generous, and you can actually taste the authenticity of this dish.

Asam Laksa - AMAZING!

Another mouth-watering dish - the Fried Kuay Teow! Hubby went and ordered this as extra and he saw the queue, which he joined in. Now I know why the queue!

Delicious Fried Kuay Teow

This is the uncle stall where hubby bought the Fried Kuay Teow from. If you do go to Penang, look for him LOL!

Fried Kuay Teow stall

After our heavy lunch, we finally got to check in to our apartment. The apartment is just a stone throw away from the Gurney Plaza... It's super convenient!

The gang took this opportunity to relax and recharge. Of course, dinner was at Gurney Drive as we don't even have to drive out to the place. As usual, everyone is always hungry and dove right into their food, thus I don't even have the chance to take any picture at all. But I can tell you though, the amount we ate was ridiculous LOL! I've never seen us eat so much before!

After dinner, of course, gambling and chatting session.

Hubby & Torres

Good night. Day 2 to continue...


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