Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hen's Night @ Port Dickson - Part 2

The continuation from my previous post on my Hen's Night...

After dinner, we had a few rounds of games with "Cho dai dee" and Taboo. It was all laughs and alcohol! Check out the pictures:

Leech - The loser of Cho Dai Dee

Our official alcohol for the night. We finished 80% of it, aside from Tze's champagne

Sober before the alcohol takes over

After the alcohol. The only sober one - YT the mama!

The whole night lasted until about 5am. The heroines for the night were Tze and Leech who didn't sleep a blink that night! I dunno how they did it!

View from the walkway in the morning

We have breakfast, and Leech accompanied myself and YT for breakfast. I miss the noodle soup that Leech made LOL!

Buffet breakfast

After all the fun and great times, it's time to leave PD. Caught these 2 pictures from the parking lot. Beautiful huh?

The chalets with private pool - Our next choice!

Goodbye, Legend Water Chalet

Since only 4 of us had breakfast, Lisa decided to use her GPS to search for a place for lunch. It's quite difficult as it is during the Raya season where almost everything is closed. Finally, found this place and settled with noodles and rice.


Looking back, it's been 2 months since this trip. It was so enjoyable and it was definitely an awesome times with the gfs.


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