Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Penang 2010 - Day 2

On Day 2 in Penang...

We started the day with a really heavy lunch nearby our place. It is always crowded whenever we drive passed the place, so we thought we could give it a shot. Look at the dishes we ordered! So many and spoil for choices!

I can't remember the exact names of this dishes, so here they are - For viewing pleasure!

After a scrumptious lunch, it is time for some exercise. We decided to do the tourist activity and went to the local temples for some sight seeing. CN was the trip manager... I guess he pretty much knows his way around since he comes to Penang rather often!

First stop - The Sleeping Buddha Temple

The highlight at this temple has gotta be the coconut ice cream! This ice cream cone costs only RM1 and all of went crazy over this.

Coconut ice cream

Right opposite this temple is yet another temple. This is the Burmese Buddhist Temple

After all the visiting, you can't expect the gang to stay full from lunch LOL! It's time fore tea break and Tour Manager suggested we all go for this famous cendol.

Look at the queue - It is famous alright! It's in the back alley but it was so crowded.

Queue for cendol

This is what everyone is after - The cendol. My opinion?! Hmm it's not THAT fantastic... But since everyone is going for it, I guess it's worth a try. You know what they say - the more people fight over it, the better it is! Typical kiasu lar!


After the cendol treat, we went back to our apartment and rested well. Hubby and I went to Gurney Plaza and walked around till it was dinner time.

Initial plan was to drive to Ferringi for their pasar malam and some shopping but it was drizzling, so we cancelled that and had dinner at Gurney Drive again. Since I didn't get the to take any pictures the night before, I managed to take some pictures this time.

Chee Cheong Fun

Fried Chicken Skin

Grilled Chicken Wing

Lo Mai Chi


Fried Kuay Teow with duck egg

After dinner, the gang wanna find a place to chill cos Mu will be playing that night. We found this bar which has a huge screen but not overly crowded... which is just perfect for all of us and Torres.

@ Kava Dee

Huge projector screen for hubby to watch his match

Dart board

1st and 2nd place dart players

Day 2 was all for food and fun! Day 3 coming up!


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