Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hen's Night @ Port Dickson

Continuing from this post on my Hen's Night (HN) in Sept...

My HN was during the long weekend of Hari Raya, which was 10-11 Sept 2010. Initially, we wanted to have it on 11-12 Sept 2010 but 12 Sept was the delivery of betrothal gift, so we have to bring it forward a day.

We met for brunch on the Friday afternoon for dim sum first. We didn't leave in the morning because we were waiting for Tze to touch down from her flight from Canada. I'm so touched that she actually flew back a day earlier than scheduled just so she can make it for the HN (muaks!). She will only be able to arrive at her house around 3pm and we were told to pick her up around 3.30pm. So we went for brunch first at Cheer's Palace in Cheras.

Dim Sum @ Cheers Palace

Pay attention to the dish in the middle - It is some banana pancake and it is absolutely heavenly! Totally recommended!

After picking Tze up from her place, we traveled to PD in 2 cars - YTzu's and Lisa's. We got there at about 5pm and checked in to our hotel, the Legend Water Chalet.

The Legend Water Chalet @ PD

Upon check-in, the place was crowded. Can't blame anyone cos it is a long weekend and everyone is looking for a break. We had some trouble with the check in because the room we booked (which has 2 Queen beds) are all taken up. They "upgraded" us, to which we don't have a choice to disagree. This room is more expensive, but we are to settled with only 1 King bed. Only advantage is that this room is overlooking the sea.

Entrance of the Legend Water Chalet @ PD

After the elaborate check-in, we finally got our room. The reception suggested that we take the buggy service to our room because it is quite a long walk. Being our lazy selves and "jakun", we waited for the buggy and was driven to our room.

Buggy service

Check out our room! It is just amazing! When we walked in, it was the bathroom with a jacuzzi, shower, etc. Then another door to our room.

The room was a tad too tiny for the 6 of us, but the main thing is that we all get to be together in a room.

Our room @ The Legend Water Chalet

This is what they meant by "upgrade". Our room's balcony is this - It overlooks the ocean! Fantastic, aint' it?

Our room balcony

Rest time! And picture time!

Lisa, Leech & I

By the time we settled down, it was almost dinner time. Between deciding to drive out again to look for a place for dinner vs having dinner in hotel itself. We were reluctant to go out of the hotel as it is the Raya holidays, and most restaurants are close, or they charge us ridiculously. Finally, we decided to go for the buffet dinner in the restaurant.

The varieties are quite extensive, and they included some Raya tidbits and food as well. Taste is not great great, but acceptable. I like the lemang and the rendang chicken though. Yummy!

Buffet dinner

After dinner, we decided to walk back to our room instead of the buggy service. Check out the view! These are the chalets of the hotel we stay in. This is taken from outside looking towards the hotel. Our room is at the other end.

View of chalets

This is the walkway back to our room. The surrounding was just so serene and relaxing. It really did take my mind off the wedding for a while. Ahh~~ I miss this.

Walkway to our room

With all these and my bestest friends with me, what more can I ask for?

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