Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hubby's 2010 Birthday!

Hubby's 29th birthday has passed... And this big kid is already 29 years old this year... But still acting like a child sometimes LOL!

I ordered the only cake he will EVER eat, which is Haagen Dazs (HD) ice cream cake. So a week before his birthday, I made a call to HD in KLCC to order the design with the flavor I want. Hubby's favourite is the one and only Rum n Raisin. But I was told that they can't make a cake with this flavor, so I chose another one - Cookies n Cream. The design is these 2 ducks on a cake. Why duck? Personal joke LOL!

Hubby's Haagen Dazs Birthday Cake

I was suppose to collect the cake on the eve of his birthday but it was drizzling sigh... what luck. So I had to postponed it and could not make it to grab the cake on his eve.

Ducklings on the cake

And it was meant to be a surprise for him but he'd already know. Bah so boring LOL!

So on his birthday eve, I had dinner with him at Angus Steakhouse @ Pavilion. Just for fun, I bought him a small Tiramisu cake. Only the day after, I got him the real cake and sang him his birthday song.

Cookies n Cream ice cream cake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY darling! Here's wishing all your dreams come true! Muaks.

Coming up next - My birthday gift to hubby.


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