Monday, December 6, 2010

The baking journey continues...

Yup! It's been almost 10 months since my last baking activity. When I first moved into my new place and got this ultra-savvy convection microwave oven, I was super excited and baked a few cookies back in Dec 2009 and Jan 2010. After that, I got busy with wedding preparation and my life... and also gotten lazy to bake.

I told myself I'll be back to this hobby of mine after the wedding, and here I am, after my honeymoon and settling all the outstanding stuff from my wedding, I am back to baking. No more procrastinating cos it shouldn't be like this. The reason of buying this oven is to bake and cook.

So here I am - Done with my baking job. The campaign this time is the Marble Butter Cake.

Marble Butter Cake

I baked this just last Friday. I could have gone for dinner and drinks as every Friday, but this time, I chose to come back home right after work to bake. Hubby had to go for his team dinner, which gives me the space and time to have the house alone to myself.

The trick to baking this is the swirling of the choc part (for me, at least). The Marble Cake has to have the design. I've already had a game plan on how to make the cake look like one, and so I did it. I'm not very satisfied with the top part of the cake though, but once I cut it and saw inside, I was happy!! It looked like Marble Cake, and even my colleagues all say so LOL!

Marble Butter Cake - The inner part design

Initially I thought I will have to bring it to office since hubby is no fan of sweet stuff, but who would have thought just one weekend, he finished more than 50% of the cake! He made Milo for himself every night and have that as his supper. I'm just glad that whatever I baked is being appreciated LOL!

I have a few more recipes up my sleeves that I'm just dying to try but hubby doesn't allow me to bake in the house if he is around. He complains that the house gets too warm and he doesn't like it. Sigh... see how I've been meaning to get myself a wet kitchen so I an just spend my time there cooking and baking while he gets to watch his TV? Both of us will get to enjoy ourselves with our own interest.

Now, I need to brush up my skills for Xmas and Chinese New Year. I wanna bake cupcakes for Xmas and more variance of cookies for CNY. Then, I will be able to give this to my friends and families for CNY!


Amanda said...

Looks good babe !

Michelle Y said...

Thanks babe! I still need lots of improvement

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