Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy 1st ROM Anniversary

My oh my! I can't believe that we are celebrating our 1st year ROM anniversary today! I still find it rather surreal, even up till this very second.

I mean, yes of course I want endless anniversaries the moment I register our bond.. But when the anniversary is actually happening.. You really have to be in my shoes to really eat on the moment.

I am no expert in wedding and marriages. I do not take pride or one who is so fucking proud with my or our achievement with our marriage.. And I can never say that I am in the correct shoe or the best person to be givingany advise on marriages.

BUT I do learn from this one year.. And it's not a very pleasant way of learning what marriage is about.

I've learned that a successful or fairly decent marriage:
  • Takes hard work from both parties
  • Needs the highest level of tolerance and patience with each other
  • Is an absolutely whole new level where the word "divorce" will be used but should not be used in any argument
  • Requires a huge amount of trust and faith for each other
  • Understands that we want the best for each other, although it might not work in the way we want or agree with the process
And I'm sure the list goes on and on... But I am no expert. I am still in the learning phase.

Us at our ROM one year ago

For this year anniversary, we celebrated it in Bali... And just had a fantastic fulfilling dinner at Jogoya, Starhill.

Where and what should we do next year?? *tee hee*

Happy 1st Anniversary hubby~~


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