Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town!

It's Xmas eve tomorrow!! Gosh how time flies! Just a year ago, we just moved to our new home in Pertama Residency and had a house warming party + Xmas party at the swimming pool area. Now, 1 year later, married legally and customarily... Life definitely whiz by when we are older.

What are the plans for this year's Xmas? Remember when we were young, we get so excited planning for our outings on Xmas eve. Back then, being pushed around and squashed in crowds on the street was the norm and a must-do. Being attacked with sticky sprays were merely fun and for laughs.

Our Christmas tree

Now, at my late 20s, for Xmas eve, I just want a calm and uncrowded place to welcome the year's Xmas. Sigh maybe it's the old age LOL! The thought of getting stuck in traffic to go to the "in" area/club and being squashed kinda scares the shit outta me! Really!

LOL yeah I'm admitting I'm getting old. It's really time to retire from the scene. Damn I'm so emo now!

But of course, the occasional parties and clubbings must still go on LOL! I know, I sound like a blardy hypocrite... Well, in my defense, these are some of the activities to let loose and also feel young again for that couple of hours.

Theme for the year 2010 - BLUE

It's weird when we were young, we can't wait to be an adult, and now that we are adult, we wanna turn back time.


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