Thursday, December 9, 2010

Football snack for hubby

Just after I've baked my Marble Butter Cake, hubby complained that he wants me to bake cookies instead of cakes. Reason is that he can have the cookies as his snack whenever he watches his football. With the cookies, he can just pop it into his mouth without moving from his seat... But for the cake, he has to move to the dining table to eat it (to avoid the crumbs from falling all over).

So yeah, he is one lazy person who is always glued to the TV.

Since he's the only one that can finish up whatever I baked, I've decided to bake what he has requested for... Which was a success previously - the Crunchy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Hubby's snack ready in container

As usual, I halved the ingredients so I won't have too much products in hand. Even with that lesser ingredients, I have to bake these cookies in 3 batches! That is the thing with the microwave/conventional oven. It doesn't allow space for me to bake more than 1 rack of cookies... and this is the troublesome part with baking cookies compared to cakes. I have so many batches for cookies and I have to wait for each batch to be cooked before baking the next batch.

The last time I baked this was in Jan 2010 and it turned out pretty OK. After such a long lapse of time, I'm not sure if I can bake the same exact taste back.

Hubby tried it and said I have improved! Yay! LOL! He said it's not as hard, and not as salty as my previous bakes. And it's crunchy. I myself reckon I should have added more peanut butter in it to bring out more of the peanut butter taste. In fact, I've already added more from what was instructed by the ingredient. I was just afraid it will affect the balance of the other ingredients, so I controlled myself. I should add this in my next bake.

Overdosed the chocolate chip to suit hubby's preference

I really like this cookie even after baking it the 2nd time. I'm gonna bake this and giveaway to friends and families for CNY. Must start making a note on how many containers to get so I can have it ready.

Will have to keep improving on my skills for CNY!


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