Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding Tea Ceremony - Part 1

Finally spared some time to crop part of our wedding pictures since my last post on it LOL!

I've actually uploaded it on FB... The reason it took longer to update it in my blog is because I have to crop the pictures (due to large picture size), which take ages to load. Even the pictures here are just like a 10% of the total pictures I've uploaded in FB.

Here they are, some of the pictures from the first album. Total albums are 4. Part 1 of our wedding tea ceremony on 18th September 2010:

Our wedding tea ceremony day - 18th September 2010

My lovely ji muis

My dad and grandma covering the veil

Ji muis all preparing "scrumptious" meals and "fun" games for heng dais

Hubby has finally arrived...

... with his personal bodyguard, Mr. Wolverine a.k.a. CN

After all hardship put up, finally made it in

Time for prayers

Starting the tea ceremony session - Starting off with us serving tea to elders

Then, it's our turn to be served

Picture time - Us and my family

Mum's side of the family - With only my grandma and aunt

With dad's family - Only the elders

Hmm this is what is feels like!

Now, off to the groom's place

For more pictures from Part 1, pls click on this link

More pictures coming up!


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