Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to the City

I've been on MIA for quite sometime huh? LOL well, I was away in Sibu for the past 3 days. I was there with hubby's parents, youngest sister, aunty, uncle and a cousin. We were all there to attend my sister-in-law's wedding.

This might come as a shock (it is for me) cos I've never thought it would be so soon for her as they have just started their own business in China about a couple of months back. Then, just a month ago, mum-in-law told us that we are going to Sarawak to attend her wedding. Sarawak because her husband is from there.

His sister has definitely changed and grown! She is building her own family, and even faster than us!

I have lots and lots of pictures because we were part-time photographer. They didn't engage any photographer, so we played the part to help out. Obviously it will take time to edit them and upload them.

So, here are some pictures from sis-in-law's pre-wedding pictures, which they took in China. This is the first time I (and the rest of the family) seen her in makeup! She never applies makeup and after applying it, she looked so different! So GORGEOUS! Like HK celebrity! Some say like Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung and also Cecilia Cheung! Check it out, and tell me if she looks like the celebrities!

Image 01
The prop that the bridal studio has provided was a mask. Very mysterious. I really like this twist. I've never seen this in any pre-wedding picture.

Image 02
Very Victorian-ish, don't you think? I reckon she looks like another HK celebrity, but I don't remember her name.

Image 03
Taken at one of the beaches. She had on this very simple gown, but the photographer's style implemented many artistic poses. The pictures really look like they were taken for advertisements.

Image 04
She looks totally different here. I almost couldn't recognise her in this gown and makeup. But she does look really stylish!

Image 05
I love this dress the most! I think it has gotta to do with the black details! I have a thing for white dresses with black details. She looks stunning!

I reckon those who knows my sis-in-law can tell that she does look really different in her pre-wedding pictures... Splendidly dazzling in her pictures!

More pictures from Sibu and her wedding!


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