Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday gift from colleagues

Thanks so much to my bunch of colleagues!! They got me my birthday gift! So shhwwweeeeettt!

Rock Chic passed it to me at 5pm sharp and left immediately. LOL her face was damn pai seh and dodgy! She "threw" a paper bag to me and said "Nah! Happee Birthday!" and left.

So I took a look inside the bag and saw this:

White digital watch

LOL! Yes I need a watch cos both my watches were battery-dead for more than 6 months... And I was basically watch-less for 6 months. Apparently, hubby helped Rock Chic out and let her know that I need a watch.

But take a look at the watch they gave me!! Hahaha the thoughts that ran in my head at that moment was "When am I gonna wear this? Fridays?" and also "What clothes should I match this with?"... I was really thinking hard.

Then I looked in the bag and saw this card:

Birthday card

It was definitely a cute and very meaningful card! I love it so much! So much words and wishes in the card. Am so touched!

I was supposed to meet hubby in KLCC to go for birthday dinner. As I was walking to KLCC, I saw this other envelope in the bag:

The REAL gift

Yes, check out the message: "Ini barulah hadiah betul!! TIU!"

Hahaha I was tricked! I thought the white digital watch was the pressie but then again, it was just sneaky gimmick they played on me.

Now what is in the envelope?

Isetan vouchers

The real pressie is Isetan gift vouchers!! Why?! Because they gave me this so that I can purchase the watch that I like and want from Isetan myself. The thing about vouchers is that it gives you the freedom to buy anything you fancy. Instead of spending money on buying something that the birthday person might not like, vouchers actually eliminate this from happening.

Since I was in KLCC, I went to Isetan straight to check out the watch section. Truth be told, I've already kinda know which one I want because I really needed a watch. So I went to Isetan and they were having sale. Why wait?! I bought it straight!

Esprit watch casing

Ta-da! My new Esprit watch! I got a strap-watch and it's brown in color. I didn't want something fancy or anything bling-bling. Just need it to be big and simple... And I found it! I can now tell the time without referring to my phone or asking anyone.

My new Esprit watch

Of course, I still keep my white digital watch! It's very useful to be worn to clubs because it will light up when you press a button! Fancy!

Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks heaps to my charming colleagues and ex-colleagues! I really treasure the effort and all the wishes! Me luv you all! *sob sob*


saltvinegar said...

omg the way they gave u the present.. so cute

Justine said...

Abang Kena tipu!
ahhahahahhaha..this is hilarious!

Michelle Y said...

LOL agree! They are all a playful bunch! They are just laughing their heads off because the trick was a success!

Jgn lh ketawa kuat2. Malu I tau. I saje je played along with you guys muahaha!

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