Sunday, July 25, 2010

Enchanting Symphony

Continuing from this post, here, I have more pictures of the birthday cake that hubby brought for me. He told me that he was in Lot 10 to buy his own stuff, so I walked there and met him there. After dinner, hubby went to the toilet to do his own "business".

Hubby has this fixation on Haagen-Dazs' Rum n Raisin. He has just finished a tub just a day before, so I thought I'll get him a tub and surprise him.

I was caught off guard when hubby came and met me in Haagen-Dazs and showed me a receipt of a cake. LOL! Hubby has brought me a cake for my birthday on the eve of my birthday!

Birthday cake in box filled with dry ice

We bought the cake back which was filled with dry ice. It was not packed properly and some of the dry ice fell on my lap on the way home. It hurts like hell!!! My first and last encounter with dry ice.

This is my cake with the unlighted candle. This is so funny as we couldn't find any match or lit to light up the candle.

My Enchanting Symphony birthday cake by hubby

The name of this cake is Enchanting Symphony. It is Belgian chocolate ice cream dressed in fresh cream and decorated with fresh fruits.

The verdict? Absolutely divine! Truly heavenly!

Decorated cake with fresh fruits

The sales assistant gave us this brochure that displays all the cakes and flavors. We were informed that we could order the cakes that we want 3 days in advance. Hubby has already decided which one he wants for his birthday hahaha!

Haagen-Dazs' brochure

Haagen-Dazs' cakes slogan - Make Someone Melt. Hubby has definitely made my heart melt with all the arrangements for my birthday.


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