Thursday, July 8, 2010

Victoria Station

Just the other Sunday, I suggested to hubby to go to Victoria Station for dinner. We always treat ourselves to a nice dinner at least once a week.. Just a way for us to spend time together and enjoy ourselves.

Victoria Station menu

This is actually our first time to Victoria Station. We've tried a couple of times to go to the one in Ampang but it is always crowded, and hubby hates to wait for a meal. This time, we were rather early for dinner and we went to the one in Medan Damansara. Only a few tables were taken when we arrived. Yay!

Paintings on the wall

The thing you noticed about VS is that the deco has the head of a train. In the inside, it resembles train coaches. Interesting!

Deco in Victoria Station

This is a rather amusing words they have in their menu. I almost have it confuse with Victoria Secret.

Victoria Station's Victoria's Secret

And another interesting "deco" they have in their restaurant is this petrol tank!

Victoria Station's petrol tank

Hubby ordered the Honeydew Juice (RM6.90). It is definitely 100% juice extract. Really thick honeydew juice.

Honeydew Juice

While myself ordered just plain water, but they don't have it. So I have the Evian (RM6.90). I thought they don't serve Sky Juice, but they gave hubby a glass. It came along with the Honeydew Juice.


For starters, we have this on the house - A bun and butter. I've always look forward to this bun cos it's fresh and hot. And very tasty! I don't even need the butter at all to add taste to it.

Yummy bun and butter

Now, for our official appetizer, we ordered our usual - Half dozen of Escargots (RM15.90). The dipping is just so savory! The fried garlic is so pungent and scrumptious!

Half dozen of Escargots

This salad is served separately and served first. It was suppose to come with the steak that hubby ordered, but I dunno why it came first and separately. Well, they did asked our choice of salad dressing.


This is hubby's main course - The Victoria Station's Ribeye (RM49.90). The steak is just cooked perfectly at our request, and the steak is just so succulent! Even without and sauce, the steak is just luscious! The VS steak does live up to its name!

Victoria Station's Ribeye

This is my main course - Mandarin Chicken (RM19.90). The chicken steak is very tender, and the sauce has a hint of spiciness. Very oriental.

Mandarin Chicken

As I was starting on my Mandarin Chicken, the chef came to our table and brought me this. Apparently, these veges are supposed to be served together with my main course but they missed it out! This is just hilarious!

Side dishes

Definitely a very worthwhile visit and a rewaring way to feast ourselves.

11-17 Jalan Setiapuspa, Medan Damansara
03-2094 9406

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