Sunday, July 4, 2010

Food Tasting @ Bankers Club

This is the occasion that I've been planning for more than a month already. It is the food tasting at Bankers Club!

For this food tasting, it is 100% FOC! It's on the house! LOL yes I know it is included in the lump sum dinner that we will have to pay at the end of our wedding reception.

Menu for wedding reception

We wanted to have this meal for dinner, but apparently on 3rd July 2010, there is a wedding dinner scheduled. So we have to change it to luncheon - 12.30pm. Also, the menu that the coordinator has emailed to me a different set of menu, which is so much more attractive. And of course, the price has increased as well. With the difference in menu, we have decided to go with the higher price margin set simply because it has better dishes. Hmm that means higher cost for us! Oh no! LOL!

Red & green chili serving

Service was great! The waiters were very pleasant and professional. Let's just hope they keep up with the standard.

Below are some of the pictures taken for the day. These are the exact same dishes for my wedding reception. No comment and review as well cos I am bias like that! Will obviously say it is all yummy and tasty!

Oh one of the dishes is not here cos I totally forgot to snap a picture of it. It is dish no. 4 - Steamed Seabass.

#1 - Tang Deluxe Four Seasons Combinations

#2 - Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Dried Scallop and Crab Meat

#3 - Crispy Chicken served with Sesame "Pei Pa" style

Carved Chicken using Carrot

#5 - Fried King Prawn and "Kong Siew" Sauce

#6 - Fried Crispy Yam Ring Topped with Dice Vegetables

#7 - Steamed Glutinous Rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf

#8 - 2 varieties of Assorted Pastries

#9 - Red Bean Soup with Lily Bulb and Lotus Seed

And dish #10 is the wedding cake as dessert. Yes, the cake is not a display or fake one. It is a real tiered wedding cake which will be served to every guests at the end.

I'm just very disappointed with my family, overall. Mum was raising her voice at dad whiledad was pretending to be a nice person and wants simple wedding ceremony when I know he is very particular about the tiniest detail.

And then my true blood brother didn't make it for the food tasting! I have be tolerant enough to invite him to this food tasting but he didn't bother to make an effort to come. Dad said he came back late the night before and was still tired and sleeping at home. I'm suppose to understand the situation and forgive him?! I told my dad that I've informed him of this about 1 month ago. He should have plan his schedule with the ample time given! Fed up!

I really think after all the effort I've put in for the wedding, I just hope they will tolerate and try to be nice for once. They should at least appreciate what I've done during the planning of the wedding. I have to consider everyone's feeling and thoughts whenever I do anything, but when I've gone through all the trouble, nobody gives a flying f**k!

Sigh I'm tired.


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