Monday, July 26, 2010

July babies birthday celebration

Last Friday, my colleagues arranged a birthday lunch for me at Madam Kwan's, Pavilion. Kudos go to Rock Chic as she's the host (lap you!). Since we have very strict lunch hour to abide to, not much pictures taken. These are just some of the food pictures taken.

Lunch @ Madam Kwan's, Pavilion

At about 4.45pm, we have the July babies birthday celebration. We have this custom every month whereby we celebrate the birthdays for that particular month on one of the Fridays in the month.

I found out that my colleague, Pi Yen's birthday is exactly the same as me! She is the first person that I've met who's birthday is the same as mine! And to top it off, we are in the same team. Woo-hoo! What a coincident!

L-R: Joanne, Pi Yen, Za, Michelle

3 candles for 3 July babies. Myself making my wish for all my loved ones.

~ Make a wish, make a wish ~

The cake that was brought. The bill goes to boss, obviously LOL!

July birthday cake - Blackforest

Group picture time. Only the researchers were available to have picture taken. Fun fun fun!

The researchers gang

Thanks for the birthday lunch and cake peeps! Me luv you all! Muaks!


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