Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Birthday Eve

Today is the eve of my birthday! Man, it's been a year already! That was super fast! Can't really believe that I've lived more than a decade, and am now in the late 20s category officially!

OMG! Late 20s! I can't believe I am in my late 20s! LOL.

Anyways, continuing from this post, here I unveil the bag that my hubby has bought for me. And yes, the curiosity got the best of me. I couldn't wait till my birthday to unwrap the gift, so I had it opened earlier hehehe!

Salvatore Ferragamo dustbag

This is the bag that I've set my eyes on. Having able to own a Ferragamo makes me over the moon! This time, I wanted something different. It is BLUE, and it is a satchel. The other bags that I have are mostly totes and the only satchel I have is LV Speedy. I actually wanted a drawstring bag but can't find any drawstring Ferragamo. So I settled with this lil baby!

My very own blue Ferragamo

With this latest addition, I am missing another bag to complete my collection, so far! But for now, I am just enjoying this bag now! Luv the color, luv the rich leather and the design!

Thanks hubby *muaks*

Let the celebration(s) begin!


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