Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a lovely surprise!

Yesterday was just any other Monday night. After work, we have to go back to hubby's parents' place for dinner. And usually after dinner, we'll stay a while for a chat with his mum.

The chat yesterday was more serious and got to a point which I feel that it is really unfair and unjust. Of course I can't say it out loud in front of his mum. I have no choice but to keep quiet and stared "kok" at hubby.

I finally let it all out when we were on our way home. As expected, big argument erupted between us and this sticky situation is very difficult to settle. I was so annoyed cos this action was not allowed in my family, but not his mum wants to do it, and it's OK. Sigh, I was so disappointed with the reasoning.

Arguing endlessly with no suggestion on how to resolve the issue has gotten my face itchy. Yes, my face will warm up when I argue heatedly with hubby, and my rashes will come creeping to my eye and face. Was so fed up, we finally ended the argument and I closed my face with a piece of tissue to cool it down.

Then, SUDDENLY, I felt hubby placed something on my lap. I removed the tissue and saw a huge red box on my lap. I looked at it and hubby was grinning ear to ear. As it was quite dark, I couldn't see the wording and thought that it was a Secret Recipe cake (red box mah...). Then suddenly, I saw the word! THE word! It was SALVATORE FERRAGAMO!!

The Ferragamo box was placed on my lap

OMG! I couldn't believe it! I was totally caught off guard and totally speechless! Hubby bought a Ferragamo bag for my birthday! I have an early birthday present!

Salvatore Ferragamo paper bag

OK I admit I was eying this Ferragamo bag since I lay my eyes on it on Sunday in Isetan, Mid Valley. But at that time, I didn't buy it cos I wanted to save money for the wedding (secondary reason) and also cos it's the last piece (main reason). I guess hubby could tell that I really love it, so he went to Pavilion yesterday to get it for me.

Ribbon wrapped the gift

Now, my birthday is in 2 weeks' time. So I told hubby that I won't open the package until my birthday LOL! I am trying to keep the mysterious element and surprise to last here. Hubby's fine with it, so I guess I will only open it by 23rd Jul.

Ferragamo's ribbon

I suddenly feel very guilty of arguing with hubby in the first place. Blame can't be put on him alone cos he was not aware of the issue. We were both notified of it at the same time, and hubby did ban the idea. Now, we have to find a solution for this.

Salvatore Ferragamo's box

Hubby's saying that the bag in this package might not be the one that I have chosen. It could be totally different, or maybe in another color. Gasp! Really?! Crap! I don't think I will be able to hold myself from opening the gift earlier. The anticipation and curiosity is creeping!

Thanks hubby for buying it for me. I have an awesome hubby LOL!

Should I open it NOW?!


saltvinegar said...

haha hate unreasonable in-laws! Great save by the hubby!

Michelle Y said...

I second you sis! Worst part is we can't do anything about it! Definitely a good save by him. Kudos haha! :)

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