Saturday, September 4, 2010 website updated

Just a while ago, Uli was asking me about my website updates... And I was like "Crap I totally forgot about the existence of this blog!". It has completely slipped my mind! Also, I have no time to update this blog, let alone another blog.

And then she said "Just update pictures lar!"... which is cool and pretty simple I guess.

So here I am, already done updated website with more pictures... And here are the latest set of pictures that I've uploaded in the website. These are the pictures taken from our pre-wedding photoshoot in April.

Here we are - Preparing ourselves. The whole process took over 2 hours! We started at about 9am and only finish at about 11++.

Makeup products

Prepping by makeup artist

Hubby's turn for makeup - Practically had to run after him to get him to sit down

Ta-da! Check out the magic of makeup... Aah the wonders of makeup!

All done up!

Posing - Side view

First location with the first outfit is @ Pavilion. We arrived at about 12pm and shoot for about 2 hours.

Right before heading out to our first photoshoot location - Pavilion

First hairstyle

Then, we made our way to 2nd location - Heritage Hotel. We have to pay RM50 to shoot here, but we got ourselves a room to change. I remembered it was pretty cloudy at that time and the photographer was having a difficult time trying to get the natural lighting to our pictures.

@ Heritage Hotel

2nd outfit - Didn't have time to take a photo tho

We then changed to our 3rd outfit and the PG took us to this place I've never seen before. There were cables of trains as our background, but there were a dozen workers working and lifting boxes as we posed and smiled LOL! Man that was corny!

Then, we headed to KTM. Apparently we have to pay RM100 to have our photos taken here.

Done for the day - 3rd outfit @ KTM

With the makeup artist, Pey Ru - I reckon she did a fab job!

Now, we move on to the 2nd day. Location - PD. Before heading to PD, we had some photoshoots in the studio.

4th outfit for studio photoshooting

After we were done with the studio photoshoot, we changed into our 5th outfit and drove to PD at about 2pm.

5th hairstyle for PD photoshooting

Camwhore first before the journey

Hubby preparing himself for the photoshooting in PD

There! Finally the pictures for the preparation of pre-wedding photoshoot is done and posted. Hmm I kinda missed the whole process...


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