Thursday, September 16, 2010

Delivery of Betrothal Gift / Ko Dai Lai

Last Sunday was the auspicious date for the delivery of betrothal gift from the groom's family to the bride's family. Mum-in-law has been very busy searching for all the items requested by my dad for the delivery. On the eve of the delivery date, I can see that she is so worn out from all the preparation. Sigh weddings really have so much to do.

Although there was a major drama that happened right before this occasion, everything is solved and though not all party wins, but majority wins...

So anyways, the auspicious time to delivery the gifts was between 9.30am - 10.30am. I went over to dad's place earlier and waited for hubby to come with the gifts. I know it's silly of me, but I was so excited LOL!

These are the gifts that the groom's family sent over. Hubby got the help of his auntie to be the representative to deliver the gifts.

Roast pork

2 chickens

2 bottles of liquor

Fruits - Oranges and pears

L-R: Red cloth, Double Happiness Chinese Candles

Dad requested for the traditional Hokkien wedding cakes to be delivered. Mum-in-law went ll the way to Brickfields to look for it and placed the orders.

Traditional Wedding Cake 1

Traditional Wedding Cake 2

Traditional Wedding Cake 3 & 4

To accommodate both my parents, mum-in-law went the extra mile to look for the modern wedding cakes for my mum. Mum wants modern wedding cakes cos she's not Hokkien, and mum-in-law found it from Tong Kei. Luckily, mum-in-law is an understanding person and did not complain about the fuss kicked up by my parents.

Modern Wedding Cake

This is additional. Cos it is the mooncake festival and hubby has already bought this earlier, we brought it along to give it to my dad. Dad said to leave it on the prayers table be presented to the Gods and ancestors.


According to grandma, since the groom has delivered the gifts, we have to return the favor. So she packed a little bit of everything that was delivered to return to the groom. Dad replaced the alcohol with 2 bottles of red wine.

Returned gifts 1

Returned gifts 2

Since we got the return cakes and mum-in-law can't finish it, she gave some to us so that I can bring some back to my colleagues to share it. As I have not seen the cakes before, I opened it and photographed it for memory keepsake.

This is cake's filling is sweet and kinda sticky. Very tasty!

Traditional Wedding Cake 3

Traditional Wedding Cake 3 - Close up

This cake is like the one from Penang, which has the green bean paste. It's so scrumptious!

Traditional Wedding Cake 4 - Close up

Traditional Wedding Cake 4 - Close up

We also got a box of the modern cake from Tong Kei. 1 box contains 2 mooncake-alike cake. I have not open it yet, but was told that it's lotus paste. Can't wait to try it!

Modern cake from Tong Kei 1

Modern cake from Tong Kei 2

I'll be getting married this SATURDAY! OMG! I'm so excited although technically, we've registered our marriage about 8 months ago LOL! Still, I'm blardy thrilled, nonetheless.


saltvinegar said...

omg very silly right give gifts then have to give back a bit of everything. Ha ha congrats girl! Enjoy ur big day!

Michelle Y said...

LOL that was what grandma said... And nobody to disagree... So they went ahead and did exactly what she told us to.
Thanks babe! OMG so excited!

saltvinegar said...

my MIL insisted. My parents were like -_- ok just follow. Ha ha ha enjoy every moment. Try not to let anything spoil your mood. Sleep early!!

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