Thursday, September 30, 2010

All's well, Ends well

It's been forever since I've updated my blog! LOL! I was so busy since the wedding, and could only have time finally to jot something nice... Just to show that I am still here!

Well, tea ceremony on the 18th Sept went well... It was tiring, but enjoyable. After the ceremony, we rested, and went clubbing at G6. We wanna thank all our heng dais and ji muis for all the help.

I got this picture from our very helpful friend, Yew Li aka the photographer.

Preparing for our prayers

I'll need time to get the pictures from our hired photographer, and write fully on what happened during our wedding.

Until then, I have another wedding to attend this Saturday. Ciao!


Justine said...

Oi bang..cepatla update blog. dah lama u tak update dah. u slacking ye? tak baik slacking tau =P *PEACE*

ok terima kasih

Michelle Y said...

Ala busy busy lar! Chill k

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