Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wedding game plan

It is officially the month of September... My wedding month!

Finally! After a long wait, it is finally here.

Everyone has been asking me how do I feel as my wedding draws closer... Honestly, I don't feel as excited as I thought I would or should be. Maybe it's because I've been anticipating for this date for far too long... or I'm just another cliche bitch LOL!

Technically, I'm married... These things in September are all for tradition sake. I'd guess I would really enjoy myself and be super ecstatic if things would have gone smoothly with me dad. Yes, it's the problem with the dad again! I know... I myself am getting tired talking about this.

One thing that I'm VERY looking forward to is my honeymoon! YAY! 2 weeks of holiday to the romantic Europe! And shopping! Double whoopie!

Will be super duper extremely busy this month. This is my schedule so far:

4th Sept
- First round to Matta Fair to survey for honeymoon packages, backup plan and also next year's trip
- Meeting with Shangkar from Bankers Club to finalise on the preparation for dinner reception

5th Sept 2010
- Second round to Matta Fair to lock our trip/s

10th Sept 2010
- Off to PD for my Hen's Night with my girlfriends

11th Sept 2010
- Back from PD

12th Sept 2010
- "Ko dai lai"
- Facial

14th Sept 2010
- Appointment with Eyeshot Studio for body measurement to alter the dresses

16th Sept 2010
- Clean the house thoroughly and stick up all the wedding deco including the bedsheet
- Collect the altered dresses from Eyeshot

17th Sept 2010
- Buffer dinner
- Hair combing ceremony

18th Sept 2010
- Tea ceremony
- Clubbing with close friends as a token of appreciation

21st Sept 2010
- Final confirmation of guest list to be sent to Bankers Club to be printed for displayed on that night
- Confirm hotel accommodation

24th Sept 2010
- Manicure & pedicure session

25th Sept 2010
- Dinner reception

26th Sept 2010
- Return the wedding dresses to Eyeshot Studio

So far, this is what I have planned. I'm sure tho that there will be something that crops up and find a way to annoy me and stress me out. Well, I guess I have to find a way to deal with all these and get it over and done with.

Sigh... yes, I really wanna get this over and done with cos I'm so fed up preparing for the wedding, but yet, on the other hand, I don't want it to come too fast cos when it's over, I have no more wedding to look forward to, and I know I will miss this preparation feeling. Dilemma!


saltvinegar said...

wow very organized.. mice was all very last minute... ha ha enjoy girl and remember to have a good nights sleep the day before!

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