Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Leech!

Traffic in KL

Check out the jam in KL last Friday! The jam started as early as 4.30pm! When I peeked out from my office building, was I surprised! It was still the fasting month and it shouldn't be this jam at this hour.

I was suppose to meet Blay at her office at 7pm cos we were going to Bangsar for Leech's birthday celebration. Knowing that hubby will be super pissed and moody, I told him I'll meet him at his office so that we can wait out for the traffic to clear and hubby can go home while I meet Blay.

Since it was just 5pm, we need to look for a place that let us hang out but not have heavy dinner, and hubby brought me to Brussels Beer Cafe at Menara Hap Seng.

Brussels Beer Cafe @ Menara Hap Seng

They were having happy hour, and I ordered my Hoe. If I'm not mistaken, it costs about RM14. The happy hour is only a few ringgit cheaper though.


Hubby was feeling adventurous - He ordered the Leffe. The glass was huge! The color was like Ribena though LOL! Hubby's verdict - It's sweet.


As we will be there for another 2 hours, hubby ordered the Brussels' Style Roast Pork (RM18.80). The menu said " Brussels' roast pork with crunch top skin of pork belly" and the word "crunch" caught his attention. He wants to see how crunchy can the skin be.

Brussels' Style Roast Pork

It looks pretty good rite? I would say the picture doesn't do it justice cos I was using my iPhone to take the picture. It tasted so much better than it looks! Really! You should try it!

Super crunchy Brussels' Style Roast Pork

I picked their recommendation - the Meat Ball cook with Leffe Brune (RM13.80). The broth has a very distinctive Leffe taste! Meaning they didn't stinge on their ingredients!

Meat Ball cook with Leffe Brune

As we were waiting for our food, I realised that Blay was still in her office waiting for the time to go to Bangsar, so I asked her to come join us for a drink. She ordered the Stella Artois and hubby has already finished his Leffe, so he ordered another drink, which is also a Stella Artois. Look at the difference in size of their drinks.

Stella Artois - 1/2 pint and 1 pint

As the traffic slowly eased up, Blay and I made our way to Bangsar and met up with Leech and Lisa. Initially wanted to go to WIP but as expected, it was packed to the brim! Alexis as well... So we picked this - Monte's.

Monte's @ BSC

It was less packed, and was so chillax. Great hang out place with the babes! And they served us with these buns as appetizer.


I didn't bother snapping any more pictures cos they were busy giving me small pieces of their food for me to try LOL! I was stuffed with my dinner at Brussels, that's why I didn't order anything.

For desserts, YTzu brought along a cake for Leech. YTzu's such a sweetheart!

Birthday cake

The waiters came singing the birthday song with us too!

The birthday girl - Leech

Happy Birthday gal! Many happy returns and may your wishes come true! Luv ya!


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