Monday, September 13, 2010

Thanks babes!

I'm back from my Hen's Night in PD!

Heaps and loads of thanks to my loveliest girlfriends/best friends/ji muis!!!

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Pictures of the place we stay in will prolly be uploaded after my wedding cause I am SUPER B-U-S-Y!!!

Bee Lay - Thanks for the Jagermeister
Leech - Thanks for arranging the trip and booking the room
Lisa - Thanks for your porn action and being the driver
Mae - Wish you could be here with us
Tze - Thanks for coming back earlier just so you can make it for this hen's night
Ying Tzu - Thanks for driving and sorry for making you leave cute Chlo Ee alone

I luv you all so much! Really... I can't imagine my life without you all! Muaks!

*I know I'm being emo and drama, but planning a wedding can really tell who are your friends and who you can depend on.


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