Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lifestyle store & cafe - Garden

We were at the Curve on the eve of CNY and was there to look for CNY gifts for my parents. Supposedly to get some wines from Tesco but we ended up in the Curve... and we stumbled across this new cafe. Nobody can miss this place. The deco just stood out! They have a white grand piano outside! Cool!

This place is called the Garden. The ambience resembles the Westerners.

Their menu is really cute too. One side of the page is their dishes, and the other page would be the type of flower for every month and what it means.

Since we've just had our "reunion" lunch with my mum, we were still very full, thus opted for their beverages. One of the recommendation is their soda range. I ordered the Strawberry soda.

And hubby ordered the Passion Fruit Soda. It was definitely a thirst quencher.

This restaurant serves both loval and Western cuisine. They serve Thai food as well. Although the service here sucks (big time), but I wanna come back to try their food. Such a hypocrite!


lablue said...

nice place, some frens recommended too, i miss kl so much!!
happy new year to u n family!

Michelle Y said...

Hahaha should come down to KL more often.
I heard about your baby... CONGRATS!

Happy New Year to you and your family too! A brand new year for your baby Tristan!

Steanie Tai said...

I tumpang.. miss kl too :D

Michelle Y said...

Steanie: Hahaha then you both should come down to KL more often! Then can come yam cha like last time :)

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