Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Tiger Year - Day 1

The first day of CNY. Just did the usual - Started off the day by visiting my mum and had vegetarian lunch. Then went over to my mum's relatives for a while. Then Vincent left to go back to his own place while I went over to my dad's mum's place in KL. Hubby is never a fan of visiting relatives cos he finds it boring, so am not gonna force him to do it.

At night, we went to Pavilion with Hui + Xian Pin & Yew + Phoebe. We were gonna watch 14 Blades together. We met up earlier for yam cha session and since all is full, we found a place at Athena.

Not our first time here, but we have never fancy this restaurant. We saw their bar was full with used glasses. They ran out of glasses cos there wasn't enough workers that day to wash the utensils. Needless to say, the service sucks and we waited forever to have our food.

Hubby was hungry cos it was vegetarian that day, but he had to forego the diet, and ordered the Spaghetti Prawn Olio instead.
Hu + Xian Pin ordered the Lamb Shank "just to join in the fun to eat together" LOL! Not my idea of light snack.

The Tiramisu that Phoebe ordered took forever! It finally arrived (after a few times asking them for it).

This is the first time we celebrate V-Day together with hubby's friends. LOL!

Although the restaurant was in a mess and chaotic, the food was actually quite good. It's the new year... so no yelling and stressing over late food!


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