Friday, February 12, 2010

Family reunion dinner

This year, I have family "reunion" dinner with my dad. He made the effort to ask me and my sister, so I said OK.

This is where all the trouble and headache starts.

After the OK and the confirmation, he asked me to invite my mum and my grandma. I was utterly shocked cos that has NEVER happen. I thought he might be trying his best to make up for what he has done, or turning over a new leaf, so just in the spirit of CNY. Whatever it is, I told my mum about it.

Again, I was surprised again when my mum agreed! Fine, so I told my dad the number of pax confirmed.

Then he tells me that he is bringing the woman.

Sigh... What a nightmare.

To cut the long story short, mum and grandma didn't go, and my sis backed out last minute. So hubby and I went ahead, and dad brought along the woman, my half-brother and my "biological" brother. I know I have never mentioned him before cos he has never spoken a word to me in the past 4 years. He finally showed up today, and we talked a bit. Well, it's a start. I realised I've missed out on my brother's 4 years of life... And I do regret it.

Yee sang - A must-have for myself.

After the dinner, we left. Dad wanted me to go back to his house to chat but I was tired, and hubby wanted to go home to watch MU vs Portsmouth.

I would really want a peaceful and the whole family together for a CNY reunion dinner... Without any other unwanted guests. I wonder if it will ever happen...


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