Friday, February 12, 2010

CNY dinner on the Boss

Yet another CNY dinner. This time, it was only us, i.e. the ME Marketing Execs. Boss' treat. He asked us for suggestion, and after all the menu research etc, he decided on the Overseas Restaurant along Jalan Imbi.

Boss never understand why myself and Rock Chic insist on this dish... Well, there is no particular reason. It's a CNY dinner, and this is definite dish on the table.

One thing about this restaurant is that you need to pre-order their signature dishes. And this Honey BBQ Pork (Char Siew) is one of it. The group really like it, but to me, I just find it so-so. I still prefer the Char Siew from Canton-I.

Another pre-order dish is the Suckling Pig. When we ordered this, boss asked if we have any remorse for the poor pig. Sigh we do, but pigs meant to be eaten. None of us are vegetarian here...

Fried Cod Fish - Yummy! Very fresh, very crispy on the outside, very tender on the inside. Totally recommended!
This soup is their chef recommendation. It is not listed in the menu... You have to ask for it.

Another one of their chef recommendation. This is actually a prawn dish. It tasted like the marmite prawn, but with a twist. Hmm can't exactly put my finger on it.

Desserts - Fruits. They did not include this, and my boss was asking if they can give it complimentary. Obviously the manager there does not speak English, and we have to ask for it. I asked from the lady manager, and she agreed to it! Yay that was easy! Very nice person!

Group picture.

I wonder when is our next meal on boss' tab? Hmm... Another record-breaking week?


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