Thursday, February 4, 2010

Celebration @ Tenji Japanese Buffet

My hubby and I were craving for Jap buffet the last couple of weeks, and we have been scouting for the best deal in town. But alas, there isn't anything out there at this time of the year. So finally, we decided to go to Solaris Mont Kiara's Tenji Japanese Buffet.

Also, this dinner is to celebrate my promotion! Hehe!

The dinner buffet starts at 6pm. We were there at 5.45 (damn kiasu!) but we were not allowed entry until it turned sharp 6pm.

Check out their huge varieties:

Their dessert section. I didn't fancy anything here.

The chocolate fondue. Have never tried this before. Since I'm here on buffet style, I tried it with marshmallow! Yummy!

There are the food that we took. Some of it are steamed fish, scallop, soft shell crab, etc.

Our favourite section: the ice cream!! They have Baskin Robbins (on waffle), Haagen Daaz and Kindori! We had a ball here... refilling scoops after scoops after scoop.

This is my favourite. My hubby took this for me and I finished the whole plate myself. This is a picture after I'm almost done with it. Abalone and salmon! YUMMY!

Another one of my favourite! I always get this in Lot 10 Isetan supermarket.

The promotion that they were having. It started at 7.30pm. Alcohol on the house! WOO HOO! Yay! Beer, rum, JD, Vodka, and a whole list of cocktails. Total cocktails I had = 7 glasses! And 2 JD Coke!

Yummy and so full once we were done! OMG we felt so FAT! LOL Vincent couldn't even move!

Overall, the ambience is perfect. It's just that their variety isn't as impressive, if compare to Joyoga in Starhill. But then again, the ice cream and alcohol made up for it!


Steanie Tai said...

Wah.. jeng..

Michelle Y said...

Steanie: It was really good! Recommended my colleagues to go too LOL!

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