Friday, February 5, 2010

Finally - The ROM pictures!

Yes! FINALLY! We have our ROM pictures! Damn that was long! LOL!
We got it about 2 weeks ago but I was busy editing it and doing some online project with it (which I will reveal later).

Here are some of the pictures:

My family.
His family.
My best friends.
Us in the Ceremony Room.
Vincent saying his "I do".
Signing his life to me hahaha!
His dad.
My dad.
Finally married! Bonded!
First kiss as husband and wife.

Our rings... Couple's band.

The other 2 couples that registered together. They are Vincent's friends.

2 married couples.

My best friends and their other halves. So glad they could make it that day.

For more pictures, pls click on this link. This is my wedding website. Do sign our guestbook!

Oh there are other pictures taken that day. Those are bridal-style-poser pictures. Still in the midst of editing. Will post it up soon. Until then, stay tune on my wedding updates!


Steanie Tai said...

Both of your ROM attires are super cool and beautiful ! :D
Congrates congrates..

Michelle Y said...

Steanie: Thanks thanks! :)

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