Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Yee Sang of 2010

My first Sau Gong Cao of 2010 was last Friday at Hakka Restaurant. This time, it was with Vincent's colleagues. His colleagues organised their own CNY dinner, and since I had nothing to do, I tagged along. If I don't, Vincent will not join his colleagues. So I decided to join them.

The Yee Sang - my favourite dish of CNY! Yay! Can never get sick of this dish.
They ordered the 9-course dinner set. I didn't take any pictures cos I was shy! LOL! Kidding! I didn't take any picture cos my camera ran out of batt.

But I did took a picture of the wine they brought to the dinner. It was something very different from what I've seen. The wine is stored in a plastic that is place in this box.
To drink from this "box", they open a small hole that has been designed and pull out something that looks like a tap. They they actually fill their wine glasses from this tap! Amazing!
I've never seen this before! Utter amazement! The wine was the fruity type, and was very mild for myself. RM128 for this. Don't mind buying this for convenience, but it's really very mild.


Justine said... macam tu..boleh didapati merata rata kat paris. everytime my uncle comes back, dia bawa 2 kotak..comel kan?

Michelle Y said...

A'ah comel betul!
They got it at Solaris. I think I'm gonna get one for myself too. 1 malam, 1 gelas... Syok!

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