Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Masak-masak time!

The final day of the official public holiday for the CNY celebration - 3rd day. Dad and younger brother came early in the morning to visit my new place and also my brother went for a swim. We were suppose to have lunch together after that but hubby and I had other plans.

Don't be shock to hear our plans!

Instead of hanging around and chat or gamble, we have decided to cook up a lunch. LOL it was like a gang of housewives gathered to prepare lunch and the husbands just sat and watch TV, chat over beer and reading the newspaper. I felt like we have join the "si lai" (auntie's) club! Xian Pin + Hui (the hosts) even took the effort to go to the market to buy the ingredients!

Who would have thought that we have come down to this?
It's back to kid's play - masak-masak time!

Alan + Uli went join the hosts to Carrefour after that to buy additional ingredients.
When we arrived, we started preparing the lunch.

Look! I helped (a bit!) ;p The only dude that helped from the start was Alan. He did everything from peeling the potatos with spoon (!), to washing, to cleaning. Husband material! My husband was just taking picture LOL! But he did helped with the cleaning after.

After about 2 hours and taking turn to cook each dishes, lunch if finally served! Dishes are:

ABC soup - Chef: Uli + Alan + Xian Pin
Luncheon meat and egg - Chef: Alex
Vegetables - Chef: Phoebe
Soy Sauce Chicken - Chef: Uli
Baked beans - Chef: Michelle!
Fried roasted pork - Chef: Xian Pin

It was a great lunch in the house. It was the very first time we did this, and it was really fun. We must definitely do this again soon!


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