Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1st wedding gown trial - Teaser

Hahaha I'm not doing this teaser on purpose. It's just that I have not finish editing the pictures of my wedding gown trial, and this is the only way I can think of updating this session.

And yes, the picture below is one of the pictures taken during my 1st wedding gown trial for our photoshoot back in April. Had it in B&W to try to look cool with the pose! LOL kidding! I was just too lazy to edit the brightness and color editing, so I just did it in B&W. Shortcut!

I liked it cos it's mermaid cut and the back is so s-e-x-y! It was a backless, strap dress. Didn't take a picture of it cos was thinking what other dress that I can try.

So anyways, I didn't choose this dress cos there is another mermaid cut dress that fits me better and accentuate my figure better.

Am so excited waiting for this Saturday! What's happening? Coming up next!


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