Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2nd wedding gown trial

My 2nd wedding gown trial was done last Sunday, 08.08.10. This is to select the gown for the actual wedding day.

And YES! I have finally made my selections! At first, my choices were:
  • 1st gown - Champagne gown
  • 2nd gown - Long tail gown
  • 3rd gown - Green mermaid gown
But after I've left the place, I was still thinking if I've made the right choice. I'm skeptical because I didn't on the fence with my green gown choice. Then hubby suggested a set of gowns for me, which is:
  • 1st gown - White ball gown
  • 2nd gown - Long tail gown
  • 3rd gown - Champagne color gown
After looking at the pictures hubby took, I've decided to go with his suggestion. So YAY! Done!

We've also collected our photo album, photo frame and all soft copy of our pictures in their original file. Also got the touched up pictures. The photo album was freaking heavy! Hubby weighed the album and it was 15kg!

Discussion was quite long at the studio because we need to arrange for the photographers and videographers to come to our place and what time. I have to give them the itinerary for both days of my wedding.

Crap! We just realised our package did not include flower bouquet and boutonniere, and also car deco for the wedding day. The studio mentioned that it will be RM200 for this, but before I can persuade her to give it to us FOC, she voluntarily gave it to me! I was so surprised! Very rarely bridal studios would do this. They will take any change possible to earn every cent from your pocket, but not this bridal studio! I totally recommend them!

I've picked my flower theme for my wedding. It will be PALE PINK GERBERA! I love daisies! Gerbera represents Innocence and Loyal Love. Every time I see daisies, it makes me smile and brings the whole sweet, warm, fuzzy feeling, which is what I want my home and marriage to feel like.

Pale Pink Gerbera

These few days have been busy with my picture project for heng dais and ji muis. I've just finished it yesterday and sent it for print today. We are very happy with the result and pass it to them by this Thursday/Friday. I hope they like it!

Leaving this post with a one of the evening dresses that I've tried. I like this and especially the details at the back, but hubby didn't. So I had to say no to it.

Blue evening gown

Still have so much to do! I have to salute the brides that DIY their stuff... Really... Hats off to them!


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