Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yummy mooncake

Although it's now the Hungry Ghost Festival, I've gone to get mooncake to celebrate the mooncake festival. I know it's a little bit too early, but I was really stressed out with the wedding preparation and I needed a break. So I got off from work early the other day and ran to Pavilion to get my favourite mooncake brand - The Baker's Cottage.

The Baker's Cottage box

This year, The Baker's Cottage didn't have any collaboration with any credit card merchant, so no discount. Since hubby was late, I took my time to choose the mooncake that I want.
4 choices from Baker's Cottage

Actually, I was buying this to give it as a gift to my in-laws. But of course, I would wanna try it too and hubby said we can eat it with them. This way, it is better cos we won't have to eat too much.

And hubby was right. His mum insisted that they can't finish the whole thing, and asked us to cut the mooncake to half and bring it back for ourselves LOL! So we did just that!

3 of halves mooncake

My first choice and highly recommended by the sales assistant - the Grand Ruby. This is the new mooncake promoted by the Baker's Cottage. And I have to say... This is absolutely the bomb! Really! Go try this!

Grand Ruby

We get this flavor every year - Tiramisu. This is hubby's favourite. Fancy having something so western mix with something so Chinese.


This is my first time trying this flavor - Precious Black. It apparently uses the black charcoal. The sales assistant claimed that this flavor was a sold out last year. I really like this too... Not as sweet... Just nice.

Precious Black

Every year, hubby will ask for favor from his ex-colleagues to obtain discount for mooncakes from Tai Thong, and this year, it is no different. We bought 3 boxes for my parents, and also hubby's uncle and auntie.

Tai Thong mooncake

We've finished the 3 of half mooncakes we bought back... And I'm already starting to miss the Grand Ruby... Hmm I might just drop by Pavilion soon to get it again.


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