Saturday, August 7, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

It's been very busy and hectic time for me since my birthday. Ever since the birthday celebrations are over, I've been busy with wedding preparations. Mostly busy with the guest list and writing the guests' name on the wedding invitation card.

Last Sunday, I went to this factory outlet in Kepong that sells Chinese wedding stuff. We got lots of house deco there like stickers etc. Then, drove to mum's and pass her the wedding cards and ask her to come up with the full guest list. On Monday, we had dinner with hubby's parents and pass the cards to them.

Sigh... Every time the topic on wedding comes up, argument is definitely to follow suit. It always is like this! With my mum, I have to get her to confirm the list and when she was doing it, she realised she didn't have enough seats for her guests! And she still hasn't gotten her dress. I told her to go with my sister but they can never do that. They have to have me with them... If not, they will quarrel.

Then, argument continued at mum-in-law's... Mostly on the guest list. The thing that is very difficult with relatives is to confirm the exact number of people attending. How many children are coming? And will their children come alone or with a plus 1? There's just too many vague numbers going on the guest list!

Why can't they just come up with the full list?! OMG stress!

Tonight, we are going for wine tasting at hubby's friend's pub in Jaya One. He can get us a "special" price on the red wine. So hopefully, we will be able to get the wine that we want and at a reasonable price.

And tomorrow is my 2nd gown trial at Eyeshot!!! YAY!! More gowns to try on.

I know I want 2 wedding gowns and 1 cheong sam.
  • 1st wedding gown is for the tea ceremony - preferably a mermaid cut dress.
  • 2nd wedding gown is for the dinner march in - preferably with a long tail
  • 3rd gown - preferably a cheong sam but I'm too short to pull this off, and my neck is too short to wear this high-collared dress.

Hopefully I can get it and enjoy myself after a stressful week!


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