Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dad's Birthday Dinner

Last month, dad celebrated his birthday with his family at Imperial Garden in PJ. By right, he's 50 this year, but if calculated by the Lunar calendar, he's 51 this year. Hmm... Dad's age is really catching up. Sigh... am feeling guilty all over again...

That night, dad booked 4 tables in total for his family. Even the dishes he ordered were very different from the usual, and of course tasted really yummy! For some, I really don't know the name as they did not print out any menu for displayed. But really, the food here are absolutely tasty!

Thai Chili Sauce - Absolutely appetizing!

Appetizer - Which I can't recall what it is

Shark's Fin Soup ala Thai

Bean Sprouts - To go with the Shark's Fin Soup

Beijing Duck - Yummy!

King Prawn

Longevity Noodle - This is very delicious!

Braised Abalone - The abalone is very soft and appetizing

Dessert Mango Sago - Very savory!

Most of my cousins didn't come, but my aunts and uncles all came. Here's a picture of all of the. Total siblings my dad has - 9!

One family

This is my brother... My true blood brother. Our relationship has gotten a little better, which I hope it could improve... If only he's not so stubborn and egoist.

My brother & I

Myself with my dad, brother and sister

The birthday cake is dad's favourite - Durian cake. I actually love it! Yummy! OMG I'm craving for it again! Must remember to ask my dad where he bought it and hope they sell in a smaller piece.

My "extended" family

Happy Birthday DAD~~


uLi.佑莉 said...

Wah! Finally see your bro face....hehe!

Michelle Y said...

Hahaha ya lor! *pai seh*

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