Saturday, August 28, 2010

Partee @ Gsix

It's party time!

One of hubby's brothers birthday was just last Saturday, and one of them suggested that we go to Gsix in Mid Valley Gardens. Since I've never been there before, why not?

We started dinner at Yuzu in MV Gardens before that. Of course, going for dinner with this group is like feeding a pack of hungry wolves. You can never snap any picture cos once the food is served, it goes to their stomach almost immediately.

After dinner, we headed to Gsix at around 10.15am. After long deliberation, we finally got ourselves a decent table. The place was as crowded as we heard about it!

Anyhoo, we partied hard that night! Absolutely a fantastic night out! Woo-hoo!

Here are just some pictures taken that night from Gsix, courtesy of Pui Kuan.

Picture taken at the start of the night - Sober

Drink drink drink!

Difference between "red face" and "white face" - After effect of Hennessy

Pictures with the dudes

Picture taken at the ened of the night - Still sober (for some of us!)


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