Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Honeymoon to Europe - Halfway finalised

Last Sunday, hubby went into Smart Holidays website to see if they have a tentative date for us to go to Europe. They did have one on 11th September 2010 but obviously we can't make it on the dates. We told them to inform us for the one in October.

Last weekend was the MAS fair. So, out of curiosity, hubby checked out Smart Holidays website to see if they have any promotion or offer for the Europe trip we booked from the March 2010 MATTA Fair.

Sure enough, they were having promotion, and it was RM300 cheaper per person! Not to worry, cos the package we have booked has a clause that states that we can change to any trip and if our package is at a lower fee at anytime prior to us paying in full, we can switch it to the lower fee package or another trip. That is why I don't feel the pinch (yet!).

Anyhoo, the website has listed a tentative date in October 2010, which is 23 October 2010. With 10 days trip and our own extension, we will only be back on the first week of November, which is during the Deepavali on 5th November 2010. Yay! I get to save on 1 annual leave LOL!

And instead of extending only 3 nights, we are now planning to extend our stay in Paris for 4 nights. We will fly back on 4th November and arrive in KL on 5th November. Then, we will have the weekend to recover from the jet lag and go back to work on Monday. Perfect!

Check out the itinerary of the package we have booked! Downloaded this from Smart Holidays website for the 10D7N Best of Europe:

Our honeymoon itinerary to Europe - Adapted from Smart Holidays website

Maybe it's a little too small, but overall, these are the countries that we will be going to:
Vatican/ Rome/ Pisa/ Venice/ Lucern/ Rhineland Germany/ Amsterdam/ Brussels/ Paris

Of course we will still go to the MATTA Fair in September. I want to finalise my honeymoon package then and there, once and for all. Make the payment and prepare for our honeymoon to the romantic Europe!

Oh and one more thing - we will also plan for our trip next year... Our post honeymoon trip. We have decided this during the MATTA Fair in March but it was still to early to book for 2011 trip. Where are we going? Will reveal once we have book our tics!


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