Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our picture featured in official website

OMG I can't believe this! LOL!

Our pre-wedding picture has been selected to be featured in our bridal studio (Eyeshot Studio) official website! One of our pictures is featured to advertise for their website.

Do check it out here.

This is the picture that as chosen:

Pre-wedding shot @ Pavilion, KL

To take this shot is not an easy task, and not a very typical "wedding" pose... Quite controversy LOL! Some saw this and went "Woah!!"! Hahaha!

It was very challenging to us cos I have to bend all the way down and hubby had to support my weight YET looking comfortable and enjoying it. After bending down and adjusting to the correct angle, we have to hold that pose and focus on our facial expression before the photographer click on the camera. After that, when I got up, I remembered that my back was aching! LOL too old for this man!

Anyhoo, I'm just overjoyed and thrilled!


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