Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pre-wedding ROM pictures

This is soOooO backdated, I almost feel ashamed of myself LOL!

But anyhoo, here are the pictures of our ROM pre-wedding photos in Putrajaya. As mentioned in my post on our ROM, I have to collect my pictures from different sources. Don't be mistaken tho, I've gotten my hands on these set of pictures from the photographer that I've hired about 1 month after our ROM.

So *ahem ahem*, these are our photos. Do excuse us for the lame poses and cheesy shots. We are no model, and it's our first time.

My last warning: Be warned! Lameness maximum approaching~~~

Ooh~~ Look at his eyes - SLEEPY!

Run run run~~ Run towards your bride...

... And then JUMP!

Scream your heart out - I'm MARRIED!

Him trying to act cool; I was trying to look demure - Fail LOL!

One of my favourite shots

Posing withe the bendera Malaysia

Kissed ~ Under the sun and our flag

Yet another one of my favourite shots

Found my other half in the "jungle" ~ LOL!

Proposal successful!

"I'll be right behind supporting you"

And finally, hand-in-hand, love forever and togetherness

LOL I warned you that it is lame! Ain't that the truth?! I can't even help laughing myself!

Anyways, hope you enjoy the pictures...


uLi.佑莉 said...

Nice nice :)

Phoebe Kyo said...

Very Nice Shots taken!!

Michelle Y said...

Thanks thanks! :)

@Phoebe Kyo
Thank you! :)

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