Thursday, May 7, 2009

Save the dogs!

I received this forwarded email, and was horrified to read about this. Lemme just put in a nutshell - Pulau Ketam residents exiled over 300 dogs to a remote island to survive. The rough conditions is equivalent to death sentence to these dogs. There is nothing for them to feed on, and now hey are just a frame of bones with fur!! With no food, this led them to feed on each others' corpse. The fittest will feed on those could no longer withhold the suffering.

Click on this link to read more:

A group of volunteers is appealing for help. They need the money to rescue the remaining dogs that are still miserably trapped in the island. This link will direct you:

Why can't the Pulau Ketam residents just send these dogs for vasectomy instead? These dogs really don't deserve this treatment. Humans have the option to make their life better, but they just chose the easier and cheaper option. To send them for sterile will definitely cost more... But seriously, dogs have their right to life and option too. How would the residents of Pulau Ketam feel to be stranded on a remote island and starve to death, or feed on each other's corpse?


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