Monday, May 11, 2009

Prinze Cafe, SS2

Since we will be driving down to SS2 last Saturday, I thought we'd try the food in SS2 square. Vincent is never a PJ person, so he was not very keen with the idea... But I managed to persuade him to try new stuff

I wanted to try the local kopitiam, but he being fussy, he wants somewhere more cooling. Plus, it was really hot that day. He saw Prinze Cafe when I was looking for parking, and decided to have lunch there since it is air-conditioned.

They served tidbits upon our entry, and it was one of my favourites! After scheming through the menu (and taking picture of it), we placed our order.

I ordered the Fried Udon set (RM12.90). This set came with your choice of soup (mushroom or borsch) and beverage (Yin Yong, Iced Lemon Tea, etc which I couldn't remember). I picked mushroom soup with Iced Yin Yong.

The Yin Yong tasted refreshing! The cool liquid just trickles down my throat, and it was just nice - not too sweet or diluted. The mushroom was also a surprised! Normally when the soup comes with set, it is always very bland or it has too much water in the mixture. But this mushroom soup was actually very thick and tasty! It actually tasted like mushroom soup. I was impressed up to here. Then the Fried Udon came, and I was again very satisfied with the food quality.

Vincent ordered the Nasi Bojari set (RM15.90 - This was a promotional price cos there were having Mother's Day Special promo). The set came with your choice of soup (as above) and drinks (as above). He opted for Iced Yin Yong and the Borsch Soup.

Again, the Borsch Soup was as delicious as the Mushroom Soup! It was thick and did tasted like soup instead of overdosed of water with some seasoning in it. The Nasi Bojari serving was huge, at least for me. The fried chicken was delicious. The chef took the effort to skin the meat off the bone to make our lifes easier. I can eat the fried chicken in peace without having to battle with it! Cool!

The credit goes to the chefs. They took the extra effort to wow their customers with their cooking. I was amazed to know that there are still cafes like this that take the extra mile to prove that they do care about their food quality and customer satisfaction. This is definitely worth a try!



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