Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant, PJ

I had dinner with my father last Saturday. He decided to bring my sister and I to Ah Yat Abalone Forum restaurant in PJ with my lil brother.

I must admit, I was a quite surprise to receive my father's call... Actually, I'm always surprised when he calls. He asked us for dinner, so I said yes. It's time to catch up with him anyways. Sigh sometimes I do feel guilty for not making the effort to visit him.

While my father and sister decides what to order, my lil brother is busy enjoying himself with everything and anything. For those who have not met my lil brother, here he is.
Cute huh?

We ordered a few dishes. One of it is the Black Vinegar Pork. This was as scrumptious as the picture looked! At first, I thought it would be sourish, but it was actually quite sweet with a hint of vinegar taste. My brother basically finished the whole plate himself!

My father order the fish something. I was not involve in the ordering, so I really can't recall the name of this dish. This was not bad too.

The vege that we ordered... A simple one.

This fried rice is my brother's favourite. They actually pushed out the cooking utensils and ingredients and cooked in front of us. As a first timer, I stood up to have a look... Of course, my brother was tailing me as well I couldn't finish my share, so my lil brother actually helped me finished my rice lol! He is really a big eater

Time for group photo. I sent my brother to called a waiter to help us take this picture, and he went immediately. Yes, he is not afraid of strangers. Quite a good job I must say!

The restaurant captain was quite taken and "charmed" by my lil brother, and gave him a packet of chocolates! Compliments of the restaurant. We were actually leaving but my brother insisted that someone had promised him chocolates. True enough, the captain came running with the chocolates just for my brother



uLi.佑莉 said...

Wao~First time seeing your dad :)

Michelle Y said...

Vincent always say I look like him hahaha

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