Saturday, May 9, 2009

La Bodega, Pavilion

Time of the week - Relax and unwind on Friday. As usual, the venue is La Bodega, Pavilion.

As a dedicated reformed alcoholic, I ordered Cosmopolitan (RM25) while Shy Flirt ordered her usual, i.e. white wine. Justine ordered San Mia beer and kept insisting it's low calories beer. I reckon my Cosmo is not neat enough

We also ordered some finger food, which are Fried Calamari and Chicken Sausage. I've always love the Fried Calamari! The Chicken Sausage is not too bad either.

Stayed and chatted until about 8pm. The rest of them left for Modestos, Capsquare after that. Apparently there was a live band. Highlight of the evening: The mouth vs a*$ question



Justine said...

ala Bro...

its San Mig..bukan San Mia...salah ejaan la =(

Michelle Y said...

Ala my bad =(
Sorry lar... This is coming from a reformed alcoholic. I dunno any drinks now, unlike you! *salute*

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