Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chanel gifts

Every time I drop by Vincent's aunt's Chanel counter in Berjaya Times Square, I will return home with my bag heavier and fuller... And I ain't complaining! She always showers me with gifts from Chanel... Anything she can get her hands on. If that's not enough, she always ask me if I need anything else and will get that for me too. YAY!

Check out the stuffs she gave this time:

1) Makeup bag - Just the accessory I need. I've been meaning to get a new makeup bag but it's just not worth it to buy one when so many brands give this for free. Alas, I have my very own Chanel makeup bag I especially love the shiny part at the back. It can actually pass off as a casual clutch if you hold the shiny part outwards.

2) Head band - This is huge and very soft against the skin. Love it! Just the perfect "accessory" when I have my mask on.

3) 3 perfume vials

These 3 perfume vials are 3 different perfumes, which are:

a) Chanel Chance - It's a fresh, floral fragrance that is pretty strong. I bought this for my mum last year, and she loves it. I love it too, but not to the extent of buying one bottle myself. I have 2 more vials of this.

b) Chanel No. 5 - This smells very baby-powdery (Rock Chic's favourite). It's a very classic smell... Very feminine and smells mysterious.

c) Chanel Allure Home Sport (for men) - I love this! I always get Vincent to use this but he just refuses to use any perfume or cologne. I wanted to get a bottle of this for him but he warned me that the bottle will just collect dust, so I didn't get it for him. I like the way it made him "manlier"-smelling lol

I love love love my stuffs!!! It's always a surprise whenever I visit his aunt... Free gifts! I should be paying a visit to her soon to collect a free gift from the mailer I received from Chanel. Yay!! More FOC stuffs! Very economical



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