Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tropicana City Mall

We always drive pass the Tropicana City Mall in PJ, so we'd thought we drop by to see what it has to offer.

The place is still quite new. The layout is just your typical shopping mall. It has a transparent rooftop where you have that cliche - "Shop under the sun".

Most of the shops are open. It is not as big as Pavilion or MV, but it does try to bring out the best.

Time for lunch. We saw this place - Otak-Otak Place. Out of curiousity, we've decided to try this place.

The renovation of the place is based on the 60's concept. It has the Baba-Nyonya style. Notice the bicycle they placed on top of the shelf as deco... Nice!

Even the table mat resembles the "guli" game we used to play when we were kids.

They we having a lunch promotion. The value = RM18.00. The set consists of:

1) 2 glasses of beverages. Choose either Lemon Tea or Barley. We took both. The Barley is homemade, and taste just like mum's homemade!

2) Soup. We don't really like this as this does not suit our taste bud too much.

3) Chicken. I don't remember the name of this chicken but this was delicious. It has some "kampung" taste in it.

4) Acar. This is quite good! I finish the whole plate since Vincent is not a fan.

5) Tau fu. Somehow, the funny taste of this tau fu made it quite delicious. It has the most resemblance to the food that I normally eat.

6) I have no idea what this is, but since it was in my camera, I have to post it up since it is in the set as well LOL!

7) Steamed otak-otak. Their signature dish. This is very good! Fantastic! If you are a fan of otak-otak, you should really try this. Vincent has never liked this dish, but he agrees that this is delicious!
And he decided to order the barbequed otak-otak. This is RM0.60 per stick. 1 order has 5 sticks.

A good place to go for otak-otak, and also a nice place to reminisce the good ol' days



Tze Yuin said...

Foong Meay, I am jealous that you get to go to all this places with all this delicious Malaysian food that I can't have here!!! =( Post more pictures so I can salivate over them. :)

Michelle Y said...

LOL if only you were here trying out all these food with us... =(
I will continue posting pictures! I'm gonna remind you of home, and will be eagerly waiting for your return home! =) I miss you!

Jackson said...

Hey! Thx for dropping by!

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