Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home Dec '09

Yet another home decoration exhibition in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. This time, the exhibition is held from 30th April 2009 - 3rd May 2009.

We arrived around 1pm, and it was already crowded. The parking was full! Vincent the hero thought that most people would be back to their respective hometown, thus, there will be less people, but it's quite the contrary. This would be the most people I've seen for a home decoration exhibition.

We have a new item to survey: A gate. We've seen the internal buildup and there is space for us to install this. We managed to obtained a few brochures for this kinda service. The gate that we want is the wrought iron type. I was a lil bit skeptical about this because from what I've seen, the gate designs are very dull. It looks like a prison cell. But I was surprised to see the designs that are available now! They come in multiple design and with color as well! There was one particular design that I especially like - Sunflower-design gate. This is in light yellow. If all goes well, I think this would be the design that I'll pick.

Another discovery - I found a very modern, futuristic bed frame (I forgot to take a picture of it). It has just the thing I need, a side frame to prevent me from falling off the bed! And it's in black! Just to color I want. But my Pertama comes with bed, so I think I'm gonna have to put this aside first. Sigh...

Vincent was just happy that he found a ceiling fan that he wants to get for the room. It's white in color, and has an Emergency Light. I think this is a bit OTT, so we will prolly just get the white fan without the light.

It was a good visit, with prices slashed and great promotions. It's just too bad that our place is not ready yet. If not, we would have gotten our hands on a few items. Oh well, we will go for the next Home Dec then, which will be on Oct 2009.



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